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Block Trump’s Cabinet


We didn’t want to post this during the holidays, but we have to start fighting back right now. Donald Trump continues to announce more senior nominees for his administration and each one is more horrifying than the last. From climate deniers in charge of the EPA to generals in charge of pretty much everything, Trump’s cabinet is shaping up to be truly terrifying.

With so many different dangerous individuals, we cannot afford to simply fight them one at a time or to fight them by ourselves. But the good news is, we’re not alone! We’ve teamed up with our good friends at Demand Progress, 350.org, and two dozen other organizations to help fight back, right now, against Donald Trump’s dangerous cabinet.

But we need you to join us! Click here to add your name right now!

Right now, nearly 500,000 people have signed our pledge calling on the Senate to block Donald Trump’s cabinet of hatred and greed. The election is over, but under the Constitution, the Senate still must weigh in on Trump’s cabinet picks. Senators work for us and it’s up to us to demand that they fight back to block each and every nominee who embraces racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, climate denial, and Wall Street greed.

Our contacts in Congress have told us that Senate Republicans are hoping to move these nominations fast, as early as the second week of January. Even with the holidays, Senators are weighing right now how they’re going to respond to these nominations, whether or not to fight back or to roll over. With so much at stake, now is the time to fight back!

Take 30 seconds to add your name and we’ll make sure the Senate hears your call to block Trump’s cabinet!

There are going to be lots of fights and so many challenges in the next four years. We have already seen Donald Trump call for horrific policies like a new nuclear arms race, closing our nation’s doors to people based on their religion, and pushing us closer towards a conflict with China. It may seem overwhelming, but we know that if we stand together, we can stop the worst from happening while laying the foundation for a progressive revolution.

Click here to help us crush through 500,000 signatures by adding your name right now!

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