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Tell Congress: Don’t Blow this Historic Opportunity

Just one week ago, Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed that international negotiators had agreed to continue working to reach a peaceful resolution to the Iranian nuclear negotiations. While the talks continue, Iran’s nuclear program will remain frozen, locked in a box and under a microscope. In exchange, the U.S. and our international partners have agreed to not pass additional sanctions. If these talks are successful, they will help resolve one of America’s largest national security threats without dropping a single bomb.

Congress is returning today after a Thanksgiving break, and they need to hear from you! Call your Representatives and Senators and tell them to continue to support diplomacy with Iran: 855-686-6927.

You can say:

“I support diplomacy with Iran. Members of Congress must avoid any new sanctions or other measures that could undermine negotiations with Iran and put our nation on a path to another war. Let the negotiations work.”

Call Congress by using this special toll-free* number: 1-855-68 NO WAR (1-855-686-6927). This number will connect you with the Capitol Switchboard operator, and you should ask to be connected to your Representative’s office. Introduce yourself as a constituent and explain that you support the extension of talks with Iran. Once you’re done, call back and ask to be connected to each of your Senators’ offices.

After you’ve called, please report your call and ask your friends and family to add their voices in support of diplomacy.

The pending agreement has the potential to stand as a powerful example of an important U.S. foreign policy milestone—demonstrating the power of tough, principled diplomacy in lieu of a rush to use military force. An issue that’s this important to all of our collective security is worth taking the time to get right.

Yet even as negotiators make plans to return to work in December, reckless war hawks in Congress are planning to undermine President Obama’s diplomatic efforts, which could put our nation on the path to war.

In the coming days and weeks, Members of Congress need to decide which side of history they want to be on. Do they support letting diplomacy work or will they put our nation back on the path towards a war with Iran?

Call your Members of Congress toll-free by dialing 855-686-6927.

Thanks for making sure our senators hear this pro-diplomacy message right now.

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