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Call Congress: Support Emerging Iran Deal!

The US and our allies expect to secure a final deal with Iran to limit its nuclear program in the coming days. Congress may vote on a deal in July. This vote will determine whether we secure peace and cut off Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon, or reject diplomacy in favor of an unconstrained Iranian nuclear program and a new push for war.

This will be the most consequential national security vote taken by Congress since the disastrous decision to authorize the invasion of Iraq. We need to convince Congress that we will remember who does the right thing and supports America’s best chance to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and avoids a disastrous war.

Please take one minute to call your Members of Congress and urge them to support the emerging deal with Iran. Here’s how:

1. Call the Capitol Switchboard toll-free* at 1-855-686-6927

  • Ask for one of your Senators by name (to confirm who your Members of Congress are, click here).

2. Tell your Senator’s office:

  • I’m from (city, state) and I SUPPORT the emerging nuclear deal with Iran.
  • This deal is the best way to cut off Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon without resorting to war.
  • I hope the Congressperson will defend the Iran deal.

3. Next steps:

  • Repeat this process to contact your other Senator and your Representative.

Opposition to an Iran deal is being fueled by one of the most powerful, well-funded special interests in Washington, and they are busy spreading lies and misinformation to try and scare you into opposing this deal. We wanted to take a minute to debunk some of those falsehoods.

  • Opponents of a deal say that Iran will cheat their way to a nuclear weapon. The truth is, that’s why this deal is so important: by subjecting Iran to unprecedented, intrusive inspections, it leaves nothing to trust.
  • Opponents claim the deal lifts sanctions on Iran in exchange for nothing but promises. The truth is, sanctions will only be lifted when the international inspectors verify that Iran is complying with the deal.
  • Opponents say the deal only lasts for 10. The truth is, after rolling back Iran’s nuclear program, this deal keeps in place permanent enhanced inspections to keep Iran’s nuclear program locked down and under a microscope. That’s a far better result than the mere two to four years experts say a military strike would set back Iran’s nuclear program.
  • Opponents insist that Iran’s nuclear infrastructure must be completely dismantled.The truth is, this deal completely defangs Iran’s nuclear infrastructure by effectively eliminating uranium stockpiles, cutting centrifuges by two-thirds, and preventing acquisition of weapon’s grade plutonium, blocking every potential pathway Iran has to a bomb.
  • Opponents of this agreement say the US should impose tougher sanctions and insist on a “better deal.” The truth is, more sanctions would likely result in less pressure on Iran, not more. If Congress rejects a strong deal that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, we will be blamed, not Iran. China, Russian and other countries would resume their business with Iran, collapsing the tough sanctions regime, while Iran would be free to kick out inspectors.

The truth is, by any measure, the emerging Iran Deal is a good deal. To learn more truths about the Iran Deal click here.

No one on either side of the debate wants to see Iran with a nuclear weapon. But the merits of the deal come down to one simple question: will this deal make the U.S. and our allies safer? The answer is yes.

Tell Congress to stand on the right side of history and support the emerging Iran deal! Call your legislators at 1-855-686-6927 today!


*Toll-free number provided by the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Win Without War coalition member.


Posted by Angela Miller.

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