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Call Congress: Help End the Syrian Civil War

One year ago, the US started its air war in Syria. So far, the US-led coalition has spent $3.7 billion dollars and dropped 7,000 bombs on an already war-torn country.

The human costs of the war in Syria are staggering: hundreds of thousands have died and over 4 million Syrians have been forced to flee as refugees. We must do more to help end the human suffering and address the root causes of today’s refugee crisis.

Fortunately, we have a rare opportunity to pressure our government to work towards a diplomatic end to the conflict. Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) is circulating a Congressional letter to President Obama in support of international negotiations to end the conflict, stabilize the country, allow refugees to return home, transition to an accountable government and defeat ISIS. Click here to read the full letter.

We need you to urge your Representative to sign this pro-diplomacy letter. The deadline for signatures is tomorrow, so it’s crucial that you call now. Here’s how:

1. Call the capitol toll-free* at 1-855-686-6927.

2. Ask to speak with your Representative.

3. Tell your Representative’s office:

  • I’m from (city, state) and I urge you to sign Congressman Himes’ letter to President Obama in support of international negotiations to end the Syrian civil war.
  • After a year of military intervention in Syria, it’s time to admit that the solution to instability in Iraq and Syria will not be found through American bombs or boots on the ground.

Win Without War and our coalition members argued a year ago that a military-first strategy wouldn’t help us meet our goals. The results of US military action have been even worse than we predicted. The administration has had to admit that a budget of $500 million dollars resulted in less that 100 “moderate rebels” engaging in the war against ISIS. The US – seeking a military solution – is considering partnering more closely with fighters from the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda. And while the US and its partners claim to have killed over 10,000 ISIS fighters, they acknowledge ISIS has simply recruited just as many new fighters.

Let’s not fool ourselves. International negotiations will be long and difficult. But, as negotiations with Iran demonstrated, diplomacy works. President Obama is scheduled to meet with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, so the time for diplomacy is now.

Please call Congress at 1-855-686-6927 and urge your Representative to echo Rep. Himes’ call for diplomacy in Syria.


*Toll-free number provided by the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Win Without War coalition member.

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