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War Isn’t Working!

Last week, President Obama announced that he will be asking Congress to formally authorize our latest war in Iraq and Syria. This new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) may even go far beyond targeting ISIS and pave the way for an endless, worldwide war.

With the elections over, Congress will be heading back to Washington, DC very soon and is likely to begin working almost immediately on this new war authorization. That is why they need to hear from you! From November 11 to 16, over 20 national peace and justice groups are joining together to press Congress in their offices, online, and in the streets to take action. 

Join our movement: Tell Congress that war isn’t working!

The simple truth is that war isn’t working. After months of American bombing in Iraq and Syria, ISIS is stronger than ever, controlling roughly the same territory they did when the first bombs fell. Instead of being degraded, ISIS has seen a massive increase in recruitment and continues its horrific campaign of violence and terror in Iraq and Syria. And, tragically, American bombs have killed innocent civilians and may be making political solutions to the broader conflict harder to achieve.

Please take one minute to email your Members of Congress and urge them to oppose the war in Iraq and Syria.

Now is the time to act. In the days and weeks ahead, Congress is going to consider the President’s request for a new AUMF. Congress will decide not only whether or not to endorse the war in Iraq and Syria but what restrictions, if any, to place on that war. With congressional hawks like John McCain set to take the reins of power in the Senate, there will be a push to send combat troops to fight ISIS, to expand the war into pursuing regime change in Syria, and to flood the conflict with American weapons.

Now is the time to take a stand for peace. Now is the time to stand up for effective alternatives that will end the violence in Iraq and Syria. Now is the time to make our voices heard. Please join our national week of action to end endless war.

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