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Demand U.S. athletes are guaranteed to compete at the Olympic games in South Korea


United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley just said the United States might not send a team to the Olympic Games this February in South Korea because she is concerned about their safety.

Raising concerns about safety at the Winter Olympics is a giant middle finger to international diplomacy from the Trump administration. Since 1992, all participating countries at the Olympics have signed a truce of temporary peace. And two weeks of peace and international cooperation on the Korean peninsula this February could not come at a more critical time.

Casting doubt on U.S. participation in the Olympics is a reckless move by a reckless administration careening closer to nuclear war with North Korea by the second. 

Sign immediately: The Trump administration must back off from the brink of nuclear war, respect the Olympic truce, and send a U.S. delegation to the Pyeongchang games as planned.

When Trump’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was pressed for more details about U.S. participation in the Olympics, she doubled down on Haley’s ludicrous remark. Less than an hour later, Sanders reversed course and claimed the United States was definitely participating in the Pyeongchang Olympics. We’re dealing with a monumentally dysfunctional administration here. We cannot afford mixed signals when we have no diplomatic channels with North Korea.

Add your voice: The Olympics are a beacon for the hope that we can build a more peaceful world. We refuse to let the Trump administration quash this hope in pursuit of its destructive policies.

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