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You did it! House adopts amendments on War in Yemen.


Thank you so much for taking action to protect civilians in YemenWe are happy to announce that moments ago, the US House of Representatives adopted both of the amendments that you lobbied for. If fully implemented, these amendments would effectively limit US military involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen to the pursuit of terrorists groups affiliated with al-Qaeda.

In the coming weeks we will need you to keep up the pressure to ensure the Senate adopts similar measures during their own budget process. But for today, we want to say thank you to all of the activists who have worked on this issue with us over the last several months. This is an unprecedented victory in the fight to stop one of the worst war fueled humanitarian disasters in decades. One made possible thanks to you and the thousands of other Win Without War members who reached out to Congress this week and got their attention.

We are gaining powerful momentum and we will not stop until we end US involvement in this disastrous war once and for all. We are honored to stand with all of you.

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