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New North Korea bill: Urge your Congressperson to sign!


Donald Trump continues to threaten war with North Korea. Now, we have a way to stop him.

Every time Trump tweets or makes an off-the-cuff remark about launching a war against North Korea, the situation gets scarier.. He recently called North Korea’s dictator “Rocket Man… on a suicide mission” and threatened to “destroy” the country. Trump’s thin skin and erratic behavior even prompted the hawkish Republican Senator from Tennessee, Bob Corker, to say that “Trump is setting us on a path to World War III.”

Reps. John Conyers (D-MI) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) will soon introduce bipartisan legislation that makes clear that ONLY CONGRESS — not Donald Trump — has the authority to declare war with North Korea. Urge your Representative to sign on!

Donald Trump’s heated rhetoric has greatly heightened the potential for miscalculation and war. It’s possible that North Korea will soon test another long-range missile in response to ongoing US-South Korea military drills, raising tensions and the chance of war even more. Secretary of Defense James Mattis says U.S. war with North Korea would be “catastrophic.” We can’t let this happen.

Stopping war with North Korea will require maximum pushback from everyone in a position of responsibility and power. — starting with building momentum for the new Conyers-Massie bill. Ask your Member of Congress to become an original co-sponsor of the Conyers-Massie bill today!

Rep. Conyers’ and Massie’s bill, called the ‘No Unconstitutional Strike on North Korea Act,’ would add a safeguard against Trump’s ability to launch a war or take an unprovoked military action against North Korea by blocking the military from using any money for such an action unless authorized by Congress first.

Let’s be clear: Donald Trump is legally prohibited by the U.S. Constitution from attacking North Korea unless the United States is attacked first. But {FirstName}, Trump’s unhinged Twitter rants aren’t coming from a president who will let the law stand in his way. Members of Congress must make clear that not only does Donald Trump lack the legal authority to start a war, but also make clear that they’ll use all their power – especially the power of the purse – to prevent a devastating war of choice with North Korea.

These last few months have scared us all. Let’s fight back by taking two minutes to ask our Representatives to sign the Conyers-Massie bill to help prevent a war with North Korea.

Please urge your Member of Congress to sign on to the ‘No Unconstitutional Strike on North Korea Act’ today!

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