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No matter who wins

The past two weeks have been interesting to say the least. First in Cleveland with the Republicans and then in Philadelphia with the Democrats, Americans were given a vision into what life will be like on January 20, 2017. It will be up to the voters to decide which vision for America wins in November, but no matter the outcome of the election, one thing is for certain, we’ll be here in Washington, fighting for you and our shared vision for a more progressive American foreign policy.

But we can’t do it without your help!

Elections are important, and in just over 100 days, Americans will choose either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States. As Commander in Chief, whomever wins will inherit a nation locked in a series of perpetual wars, spending more on the bloated budget Pentagon than nearly any other time in our nation’s history. They will also immediately encounter a well-funded, well-organized network of special interests pushing them to expand those wars and throw more money at the Pentagon.

No matter who wins the election, we’re going to fight like hell to make sure that America changes course, abandons the failed policies of the past, and finally adopts progressive solutions that will make our country safer and the world more secure.

Support a more progressive foreign policy today with a tax-deductible donation!

Every day, the halls of Congress are filled with voices endlessly calling for more war, more bombs, and more money for the Pentagon. In January, they’ll make their pitch to the new Administration too. But we have a secret weapon, you!

The American public knows that we cannot bomb our way to peace in the Middle East. They know that a few thousand more troops won’t end decades of conflict in Afghanistan. And they know that you don’t fix a bloated bureaucracy by throwing more money at it.

Our mission is very simple: to bring your voice – the voice of the American majority – to Washington. And while there will be very real differences under a President Clinton or a President Trump, one thing that won’t change is the need to fight for peace each and every day. We’re committed to that mission because the stakes are simply too high to lose.

Your donation of $3, $10, $50, or whatever you can afford will help fight for peace no matter who wins in November.

Fighting for peace in Washington requires resources, and that’s why we need your help. Our opponents have bottomless pockets. They can throw millions of dollars at politicians with attack ads and campaign contributions. But the thing is, we can still beat them. Last year, with your help, we took on one of the most well-funded, powerful special interests in Washington when they tried to kill the historic Iran nuclear agreement. They outspent us… by a lot. But we won!

And with your help we’re going to keep on winning, making America a more progressive force in the world, no matter who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave next year.

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