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One Year Later, The World is Safer

One year ago, diplomats were locked in a room hammering out the final details of the landmark Iran nuclear agreement. In Iran thousands of centrifuges were spinning, inspectors had limited access, and the threat of a war between Iran and the United States remained dangerously real. Today, every potential pathway to an Iranian bomb has been blocked, inspectors are on the ground across Iran with unprecedented access, and not one single American bomb needed to be dropped.

In short, America and the world is a whole lot safer.

You would think that this unambiguous truth would be cause for universal celebration, but this is politics and sadly, to those who want a war with Iran, the truth is never what’s important. The very same hawks who fought tooth and nail to derail and defeat the Iran deal have been busy at work on a campaign trying to discredit this historic achievement. We can’t let them do that.

Add your name today to stand up in support of diplomacy and thank President Obama for preventing a war with Iran!

It’s not often in history that you get to stop a war before it ever starts, but that’s exactly what happened a year ago. Ever since George W. Bush labeled them part of the ‘Axis of Evil,’ the United States and Iran seemed destined for a disastrous war. Experts estimated that an American-Iranian war would be bigger, more costly, and deadlier than the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan – combined! Neocons and hawks insisted that there was no way to deal with Iran other than to bomb them, that without military force, Iran would never scale back its nuclear program.

But we refused to let that happen. President Obama’s diplomatic push was only possible because of the political space millions of us helped open up by raising our voices and demanding Congress to support diplomacy not war. And when Secretary Kerry reached the historic deal last summer, it was millions of us again who told Congress that they must not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by rejecting the deal.

And we won! The Iran deal went into force, centrifuges were ripped out, uranium stockpiles dramatically reduced, inspectors on the ground, and all without dropping a single bomb. That’s what winning without war looks like.

Join our petition thanking President Obama for Winning Without War!

But right now all of that is under threat once again. The same special interests you helped defeat a year ago are now fighting once again to try and get Congress to undermine the deal. They’re pushing for new sanctions and poison pill legislation that would put us right back on the path to war with Iran. We simply cannot let them destroy this historic victory.

That’s why we have to let the President and Congress know that we haven’t gone away. We have to stand up and thank the President and put Congress on notice that we’re watching them. Just like we told them to support the deal a year ago, we’ll fight any efforts to undermine it now. But that only works if enough of us stand up for peace.

Please take 30 seconds now to add your name for peace by joining our petition to say you STILL support the Iran nuclear agreement.

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