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Sign if you agree: Hate Has No Place in the Army


The United States Army is an amazing microcosm of our nation. Men and women of all faiths, sexual orientations, and races serve side-by-side with dignity and honor, protecting our nation. Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s new pick to be Secretary of the Army could change all that.

Our country is stronger and safer when our military reflects our diversity, and when its leaders respect and support all of our soldiers and all Americans. Tennessee State Senator Mark Green, Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Army, is no such leader. Mark Green has built a political career on hate directed at LGBTQ people, women, Muslims, immigrants and refugees.

That’s why we’re fighting back.

Our soldiers and our nation deserve better. Sign here to tell the Senate to block the confirmation of Mark Green for Army Secretary.

Sen. Green represents one of the hardest lines of Trump’s hardliners. He believes that being “transgender is a disease,” [1] as a physician, he argued that he has a right to deny women birth control because of his religious beliefs, [2] he filed state legislation that would threaten funding for sanctuary cities, [3] and he wants to block Syrian refugees from being welcomed in Tennessee. [4] We cannot allow this hateful vision to be the beating heart of our Army.

Join us in demanding the Senate reject Mark Green as Secretary of the Army.

President Obama appointed the first openly gay Army Secretary and now we must not let Donald Trump replace him with an anti-LGBTQ extremist. Sen. Mark Green’s nomination is an attack on our values as Americans, and our shared belief that all people are deserving of equality, dignity, respect, and tolerance. The ability to love whom you choose, worship how you choose, and live your life without fear of violence and discrimination are at the heart of what will make America great and safe.

Confirming Mark Green would send the absolute wrong message to the men and women of the US Army, and to the rest of the world. Today’s protections for all Americans serving in uniform were won over time through amazing and committed activism in defense of civil rights. Today’s Army deserves a leader who will move us forward, not backward and who will unite us, not divide us. Mark Green has simply shown that he can’t do that.

Take two minutes to make sure the Senate hears loud and clear that they must act.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


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