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Some weekend reading from Win Without War


It’s been a tumultuous few weeks. It seems like every day brings a new scandal, crisis, or action that must be taken. It can be a little exhausting. But we all know, as hard as it is, that it’s important to keep an eye on the bigger global picture.

That’s why we are sending you some of the things we’ve been reading that give some in-depth analysis about the issues we know you care about. These articles give you a chance to step back and get some perspective on some of the most difficult situations in our world today and how to move forward and build peace.

Human rights and the rule of law

The Economist: The president is making it easier to order lethal drone strikes

“Through a mixture of leaks and semi-official confirmations, a picture is beginning to emerge of how the Trump administration will loosen the rules for counter-terrorism operations laid down by its predecessor.”

The New York Times: Human Rights Activist – Bahrain, Backed by U.S., is Targeting My Family

“In today’s era of Trump and Brexit, of budding authoritarianism even in the oldest democracies, it seems that political leaders in Washington and London are substituting business and profit for democracy and human rights.”

Refugees and humanitarian crises

Al Jazeera: Solutions for tumultuous times

“To tackle global threats such as climate change, conflict and disaster, we must join forces and take collective action.”

The Guardian: Why denying refugees the right to work is a catastrophic error

“It’s not just fleeing conflict that makes victims out of refugees – it’s also denying them the means to become autonomous and productive.”

Common Dreams: Reality and the ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ Famine in Yemen

U.S. people bear responsibility to demand a radical departure from U.S. policy which exacerbates the deadly tragedy faced by people living in Yemen.”


Al Jazeera: The voices missing from Syria’s peace talks

Incredibly important voices and perspectives are not being heard in trying to end the six year old conflict.

Conciliation Resources: Supporting women’s meaningful participation in peace

Explore this interactive infographic to find out more about how to support women’s meaningful participation in peace.

Activism and resistance

The Guardian: Protest and persist: why giving up hope is not an option

“The true impact of activism may not be felt for a generation. That alone is reason to fight, rather than surrender to despair.”

The Nation: Progressive Values Don’t Stop at the Water’s Edge

“Our foreign-policy alternative should be based on people’s actual concerns, not the made-up ‘crises’ Washington think tanks cook up.”

The Atlantic: Do Liberals Have an Answer to Trump on Foreign Policy?

“A progressive foreign policy isn’t just looking at the back-end of terrorism, but is also looking at the front-end of terrorism.”

The Nation: How to Revive the Peace Movement in the Trump Era

“.. we need a movement that can speak to the anger that so many Americans feel toward the corporate powers that dominate our politics. Such a movement would expose how militarism is not immune to that influence but is particularly beholden to it.”

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