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Still think Rex Tillerson might be a good Secretary of State? Read this.


Last week ExxonMobil CEO and Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson testified before Congress. We thought Tillerson was a bad choice for the post before the hearing, but now we are even more concerned about his potential appointment. Below is a list of articles about the hearing and about Tillerson that lay out some of the key issues with his nomination. If you want to help us stop Tillerson’s appointment, take a minute to email your Senators and tell them to vote NO on his confirmation. 

Sen. Jeff Merkley patiently exposed Rex Tillerson on climate change

Tillerson states he does not see climate change as a threat to national security. Experts disagree.

Rex Tillerson couldn’t recall ExxonMobil subsidiary’s work with Iran. Here’s the proof it happened.

Tillerson evades questions about ExxonMobil’s business with Iran when it was under US sanctions.

Did Rex Tillerson just lie under oath about lobbying against Russia sanctions?

Yes, he did. Here’s the proof.

Everything you need to know about ExxonMobil climate change probes

ExxonMobil is under investigation for violating consumer protection and securities laws by downplaying the risks of manmade climate change. Here’s what you need to know.

Rex Tillerson: Unprepared. Unqualified. Unacceptable.

Oil Change International explores how Tillerson’s experience at ExxonMobil makes him unfit to be Secretary of State.

Rex Tillerson Says Oil Companies Don’t Take Handouts. Exxon Mobil Gets $1 Billion A Year.

Tillerson denied that oil companies are receiving huge taxpayer payouts, but that is simply not true.

Rex Tillerson Wants to Provide Saudi Arabia With More Help to Bomb Yemen

Tillerson confirms he will continue and maybe expand our disastrous cooperation with Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

Rex Tillerson has no business being the Secretary of State. Please take a few moments to let Congress know you want them to stop his confirmation.


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