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Stop Donald Trump’s March to War


They were hiding in the basement, terrified of the fighting going on around them when the bombs fell. Today, many of their bodies are still buried under that rubble, and America’s generals are trying to sort out what went wrong. But one thing is clear, the deadly attack in Mosul that took the lives of more than 200 innocent civilians is not an isolated incident.

Ever since Donald Trump took office, America’s war machine has kicked into overdrive. The President, who ran claiming to be against America’s wars in the Middle East, is now overseeing a massive increase in America’s wars in the Middle East.

That’s why it’s time to demand that the President’s chief defense advisor come clean to the American public about Donald Trump’s plans for war.

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Throughout the Middle East, Donald Trump is doubling down on war while abandoning diplomacy. In Yemen, his Administration is reportedly jumping into the middle of the two year old civil war, abandoning America’s support for the peace process, and exacerbating one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet. In Syria, Trump has already sent hundreds of Marines into combat with reports that hundreds more may soon be on the way. And from Afghanistan to Somalia to Libya, the Trump Administration is currently weighing plans for deploying thousands of troops and increasing American bombing.

This is the recipe for perpetual war across thousands of miles at a cost of trillions of dollars.

At the same time, battles are getting deadlier for innocent civilians where America is already at war in the Middle East.The attack in Mosul is likely the deadliest attack on civilians by the American military in 26 years. [1] In Syria, just weeks ago, an American attack on a mosque complex killed dozens of civilians gathered for evening prayers. [2] And in multiple attacks in Yemen – from the disastrous raid Donald Trump ordered just days into office, to a massive campaign of airstrikes last month – American bombs have wreaked havoc, killing civilians, and fueling Al Qaeda militants who feed on the resentment left in the wake of the deadly attacks.

None of this makes America safer.

Join us in demanding answers and standing up for peace.

Unfortunately, much of what we know comes solely from media reports because, so far, the Trump Administration has refused to tell the American people what they’re doing. Just this week, the Department of Defense announced they would no longer even tell the public how many of our fellow Americans in uniform are deployed in Iraq and Syria. [3] It’s time to stop the silence.

That’s why we’re demanding that Secretary of Defense James Mattis make clear exactly what America’s war machine is doing in the Middle East. Secretary Mattis has so far testified in Congress multiple times, but he has yet to publicly explain what Donald Trump plans for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya. As Americans, our ability to weigh in on these decisions is through Congress’ Constitutional check on the President’s war making power, but that only works if we know the truth about what the President is doing.

Please take 30 seconds to join us in demanding the Secretary of Defense Mattis come clean to the American public about Donald Trump’s war plans in the Middle East.

These past few months have shown us the power we have to hold our government and the President accountable. Millions of us have stood up to demand that our voices be heard, and from healthcare to the Muslim Ban, we have seen the power we have to fight back. Now it’s time to turn that power on America’s war machine and fight back.



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