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Trump’s Starvation and Insecurity Budget

  Resources and messaging points Retired generals and admirals warn that cutting America’s diplomatic capacity undermines national security. “We know from our service in uniform that many of the crises our nation faces do not have military solutions alone –…

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Today, of all days?!

  CNN is now reporting that this afternoon, Donald Trump is heading to the Pentagon to sign his hateful executive order banning Muslims and slamming America’s doors to those in need. Today, of all days, this is shocking. Today, is…

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Donald Trump has the power to wage endless war

Tuesday night, in secret without any votes, Paul Ryan cowardly killed an effort to limit Donald Trump's ability to wage war. And yesterday, alongside Rep. Barbara Lee, I condemned this deceptive action. Rep. Lee is leading the effort to limit Trump's war-making ability. But thanks to Speaker Ryan, t[...]

Speaker Paul Ryan blocks debate on endless war

  Win Without War Director Stephen Miles issued the following statement in response to House Speaker Paul Ryan stripping an amendment to repeal the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force from a House spending bill: It is the height of irresponsibility that House Speaker Paul Rya[...]