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Take Action: Defend diplomacy!

One year ago, something amazing happened. Iran, the United States and our international partners made history by reaching a diplomatic agreement that definitively blocked every potential Iranian pathway to a bomb, put inspectors on the ground with unprecedented access, and averted a devastating war between the United States and Iran.

That’s what winning without war looks like, and you helped make it happen! If it wasn’t for millions of Americans making their voices heard, demanding peace, and supporting diplomacy, Congress would have killed the deal. We spoke up for peace, and diplomacy won!

But now, one year later, the same forces who tried to kill the deal are at it again. Pro-war forces in Congress are attempting to undermine the deal with new legislation and the same old tired arguments. If they had their way and the deal was undone, everything we accomplished in the historic Iran deal would be undone and America would be right back on the verge of war with Iran.

Please take a moment and write a letter to the editor standing up for peace and the historic Iran nuclear deal.

One year later, it is clear – the Iran deal is working and America is safer. International nuclear monitors have declared Iran is following through on its commitments and inspectors are on the ground verifying their continued compliance.

Experts of every political stripe, from nuclear security professionals to retired generals and ambassadors, international relations scholars to faith leaders all agree, the Iran deal is a good deal and it’s working. Just this week 75 national security leaders reiterated their support for the Iran deal, urging President Obama to build on this historic achievement.

But we know simply being right isn’t enough in Washington. We also have to be powerful and make our voices heard! One of the most powerful ways to speak out is on the editorial page of your local newspaper.

Please take two minutes to add your voice for peace by writing a letter to the editor today supporting the historic Iran nuclear deal.

We know that when we come together, our voices make a powerful chorus. That’s what we did a year ago to help defend the Iran deal, and that’s what we need to do once more today.

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