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Tell Congress: Don’t help Trump start a war with Iran


If you want to understand why it’s so important to protect the historic Iran nuclear deal, just look at North Korea. Iran’s nuclear program is under a lock and key, inspectors are on the ground verifying compliance, and the world is safer. In contrast, North Korea has a growing nuclear arsenal, the chances of nuclear war grow by the day, and the world is on the brink of devastation we haven’t seen in decades. It didn’t have to be this way, but back in 2000, a newly elected President George W. Bush ended engagement with North Korea after President Clinton had made significant progress in halting its program.

We need to defend the Iran deal and avoid a war with Iran.

Now Donald Trump is setting us on the very same path to nuclear failure with Iran, a situation where there will be no curbs on Iran’s nuclear program. By every objective measure, since it was negotiated in 2015, Iran has remained in compliance with the nuclear deal. But Donald Trump himself has said he’s very unlikely to continue to certify that basic fact when the deal comes up for review next month.

That’s where Congress comes in. If Trump tries to kill the Iran deal, Congress will have to decide whether to side with the President and set our country back on a path to conflict with Iran or whether it will act responsibly and reject Trump’s fake news on Iran.

Tell Congress: dont kill the Iran deal, dont lead us to war with Iran!

Make no mistake — the Iran deal is working. US intelligence and defense officials have publicly testified that Iran is complying with the agreement, which has blocked all of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon and allowed international inspectors unprecedented access to Iran’s nuclear sites to ensure it remains in compliance. In fact, the United Nations nuclear watchdog certified at the end of August that Iran is sticking with its commitments under the agreement. Despite this, the Trump administration is starting to misinform and mislead the public about Iran’s behavior.

Please urge Congress not to help Trump kill the Iran Deal!

We dont need another North Korea. Diplomacy and negotiations have worked to prevent conflict with Iran; Congress must not let Trump irresponsibly put us on a path to war.

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