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Tell Congress: Save the Iran nuclear deal


This is urgent. Donald Trump has just told Congress he will decertify the Iran nuclear deal, and we need you to take action now. The deal is a historic victory of international cooperation that was crafted after years of negotiations, and has completely blocked Iran from building a nuclear weapon. The agreement is also a victory for diplomacy, proving that we could resolve differences without resorting to war.

Now Donald Trump wants to throw that all away.

There is no question that the Iran deal is working. Nuclear experts, our allies, even members of Trump’s own cabinet agree that Iran has been in compliance. We have blocked Iran from any potential pathway to develop nuclear weapons, and we did it without a single shot fired or a single soldier killed. But Trump can’t be bothered with the facts, so now it is up to Congress, and ultimately the American people, to save the deal.

Please sign now and tell Congress to resist action that will destroy the Iran nuclear deal.

Here’s the deal, what Trump is planning on doing is a terrible blow, but he cannot destroy the Iran deal alone. Congress would have to reimpose sanctions to actually violate the deal. We cannot let this happen. We must make sure that members of Congress know that we expect them to honor our word and keep up our end of the deal.

Sign right now and let them know that any move to destroy the Iran deal is unacceptable.

For years this movement has fought hard to defend diplomacy and to prevent us from slipping into another disastrous war in the Middle East. We cannot stop now. Donald Trump has shown himself time and time again as reckless and uninformed about foreign policy. We cannot let him further erode the trust of our allies and the legitimacy of our promises in the world just because he wants to score political points by erasing the legacy of Barack Obama. Our voices must be loud and clear.

Raise your voice now and tell Congress to defend diplomacy and preserve the Iran deal.

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