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Thank You for working for Peace


Wow, this community is amazing! So far, 2017 has been both challenging and inspiring. We’ve seen some of the worst ideas put into policy, but we’ve also seen an unprecedented movement to fight for our values and a brighter tomorrow. Last week, the media obsessed about Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, endlessly debating what he did and didn’t do. So today we wanted to take a minute to celebrate what you’ve done and the amazing movement we’re building together.

#RefugeesWelcome and #NoMuslimBan

Win Without War activists stood strong in their support of refugees and more than 100,000 of you signed petitions and emailed members of Congress to oppose the immoral Muslim Ban. Many of you took to the streets to stand up for inclusion and compassion towards vulnerable people trying to escape wars and oppression. We know that it will be necessary to remain vigilant on these issues and you can be sure that the Win Without War team will do our best to keep you informed on the latest developments.

Trump’s Starvation Budget

One of the most important battles ahead of us is the upcoming budget process. President Trump has proposed a shocking budget that guts humanitarian aid, diplomatic programs, and vital domestic investments and instead needlessly moves billions into the Pentagon’s already over-bloated coffers. Fortunately, activists like you have raised their voices to oppose a budget that promotes violent solutions to America’s foreign policy problems. More than 120,000 of you signed petitions and wrote letters to the editor advocating for a more sane and humane federal budget. Your actions helped prevent some of the worst cuts in last week’s budget agreement and support Progressive leaders in Congress to go on offense in the fights to come. The budget battle is just beginning, but we are hopeful that we will continue to put a check on militarism and war-making.

The Nuclear Threat

Just this week we delivered more than half a million signatures, gathered by 18 organizations, asking Congress to block Trump from being able to launch a nuclear war without Congressional approval. You all not only signed the petition, you also called Congress and spread the word far and wide on social media. The power of 500,000 voices joined together cannot be understated. Rep. Lee began her remarks talking about her experience in the Nuclear freeze movement and underscoring the difference your voices have made in Washington. Thanks to you, lawmakers and the media have taken notice of our call and we will continue to make sure you know how you can help make this legislation become a reality.

Stopping Steve Bannon’s National Security Take Over

Last month we had a huge victory when Steve Bannon was kicked off the National Security Council. Win Without War activists joined with other groups to gather more than 1 million signatures demanding Bannon’s removal. You read that right, 1 million of us joined together to remove this extremist from the NSC. Our efforts to remove Bannon show just how effective we can be when we speak with one voice to resist the radical elements in the Trump administration. We can win when we stand united.

Fighting hate in the U.S. Army

As we were putting this message together on Friday we were learned that Mark Green, the anti-LGBTQ nominee for Secretary of the Army, was forced to withdraw his nomination. More than 56,000 of you spoke out against Green’s hate, and we won!

Despite all of the hate, all of the horrible news, you refuse to give up. You are the fuel that will make a brighter tomorrow, and together, we know that victories like this are just the beginning.

There will be some tough struggles in the months ahead. The humanitarian crises and endless war in Yemen and Syria, threats to the Iran nuclear deal, and increases in irresponsible Pentagon spending will require us to stand united and determined. But the last few months have shown us that we can win when we uphold our values and resist the forces in Washington who would trample on our principles. We are honored to stand with all of you in this struggle and we look forward to creating a more progressive, peaceful, and humane America with you.

Photo by Allison Shelley.


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