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Today, of all days?!


CNN is now reporting that this afternoon, Donald Trump is heading to the Pentagon to sign his hateful executive order banning Muslims and slamming America’s doors to those in need.

Today, of all days, this is shocking. Today, is the day the world remembers the Holocaust, humanity’s darkest hour. One of the many tragedies surrounding the Holocaust is America’s shameful refusal to accept Jewish refugees fleeing for their lives.

When we say, ‘never again,’ this is what we mean.

My own family came to America a century ago, fleeing the wars of western Europe and the pogroms in the east. If America hadn’t opened it’s doors to them, I might not exist. That is why I am so deeply determined that we fight Donald Trump’s disgusting executive orders.

It’s not too late to join our call for Members of Congress to stand up and denounce these executive orders and fight for the American values we hold dear.

Click here to add your name now.

There is no place in America for religious discrimination and this is a crucial time for those of us who believe in tolerance and diversity to stand and be counted. Our country will not be made safe by division and hatred. Our strength is our diversity. Our values are our power.

Click here to add your voice to the call for Members of Congress to reject hate and stand up for the American values we hold dear.

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