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“…there’s very little in the way of controls over exercising a nuclear option, which is pretty damn scary.” This was the former Director of National Intelligence — the nation’s highest intelligence officer — James Clapper on Tuesday night after Donald Trump’s unhinged performance at his campaign rally in Phoenix.

In Clapper’s words, the President’s behavior was “downright scary and disturbing.” And because of our broken nuclear weapons system, Donald Trump – and he alone – has the power to launch an all-out nuclear war at any time.

Fortunately, you can join with 500,000 Americans in demanding Congress take away Trump’s ability to unilaterally start a nuclear war.

Clapper’s right. When you witness the President of the United States say the things he said and act the way he did in Phoenix, as he did after Charlottesville, as he did in recently threatening “fire and fury” against North Korea — no matter how much you may have come to expect it — you cannot help but be shocked and scared. When you remember that same person has the power to end all human life on earth through nuclear war, it goes well beyond scared.

No single person should have that much power, least of all Donald Trump.

That’s why some members of Congress want to put a check on Trump’s ability to start a nuclear war. They have introduced legislation that would require a declaration of war before any president could use nuclear weapons first in a conflict. Presidents would still be able to use any and all tools to protect our nation if we’re under attack, but they’d no longer be able to start a nuclear war on their own.

Add your name! Tell Congress you support the bills introduced by Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) that prohibit the president from unilaterally starting a nuclear war.

Earlier this year, Win Without War joined with partners like CREDO, Daily Kos, Just Foreign Policy, Peace Action, WAND, and others to collect nearly half a million signatures demanding we take away the President’s ability to start a nuclear war. Since then, more than 50 members of Congress have joined us! But we’re going to need more support to truly change this broken system, and what’s why we need you to join us!

Click here to sign the petition demanding Congress check the president’s authority to start a nuclear war.


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