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Urge your senators to stand between Trump and a reckless war on the Korean peninsula


Donald Trump touches down in Seoul, South Korea in just a few hours. Normally, a diplomatic visit like this would strengthen ties of peace and security with one of our key allies. But nothing about today’s visit is normal. It’s anybody’s guess what Trump will do or say when he’s just over the border from his favorite target to belittle, threaten, and menace: North Korea.

Tweet by tweet and threat by threat, Trump is inching toward war with North Korea. It’s not just a few belligerent comments. For months, top Trump officials have been floating the possibility of an illegal and unconstitutional first strike on North Korea. Whatever Trump says or does this week, one thing is clear: We need to prepare for a future where Trump tries to attack North Korea, and we need to do it fast.

A group of pro-diplomacy senators have introduced bills that would block Trump from single-handedly launching a war against North Korea. But your senators aren’t on the list.

Urge your senators to stand between Trump and a reckless war on the Korean peninsula.

Two bills currently in the Senate (S.2047 and S.2016) would block funding for an unprovoked strike on North Korea. Now, preventing our unhinged president from starting an unconstitutional war with North Korea should be basic common sense. But I don’t need to tell you that the hunger for war — and war profits — has a deep stranglehold on our political system. War hawks in Washington like Sen. Lindsey Graham have been pushing for war with North Korea, and they’re not about to let a little detail like congressional approval stand in their way.

That’s why it’s so critical that your senators stand up for the peace and diplomacy constituents like you want. Ask your senators to cosponsor (S.2047 and S.2016) to take steps to block an unconstitutional first strike on North Korea

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