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Watch Now: Steve Bannon removed from NSC


BREAKING:¬†Steve Bannon has been removed from the NSC – one more victory for the resistance!¬† Petitions calling for Bannon’s removal gathered more than 1.1 million signatures. Thank you to all of you who raised your voice.

As Elizabeth Warren often says, “you might not win every time you fight, but if you don’t fight you never win.”

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Win Without War joins 38 NGOs to tell TRUMP: don't support Hudaydah offensive in Yemen

Win Without War, along with 38 other advocacy, civil society, peace, and faith groups, sent a letter to President Trump today expressing our grave concern over the proposed Hudaydah offensive in Yemen. The White House is expected to sign off this week on the Pentagon's request to increase US involve[...]

Ask your Rep: Put the Brakes on Yemen War

Millions are on the brink of famine in Yemen and more than two years of war have cost tens of thousands of lives. Yet instead of working for peace, Secretary of Defense Mattis wants America to double down on war. He has reportedly proposed a military intervention alongside the Saudi and Emirati forc[...]