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Win Without War Statement on the Signing of U.S.

“We are pleased to continue to hear President Obama express his support for ending the war in Afghanistan,” said Win Without War Coalition Coordinator Stephen Miles. “Unfortunately, what we did not hear tonight was a clear, unequivocal commitment to bringing American troops home from Afghanistan now. The American people, in record numbers, agree that is past time for our men and women in uniform to come home. We simply cannot ask our troops to keep fighting a battle through 2014 that has no military solution. The time to bring our troops home is now.”

Win Without War Co-Chair David Cortright added, “President Obama has signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement no one has read that apparently pledges another decade of U.S. involvement on terms that are not known. He should announce instead an end to combat operations, the withdrawal of all U.S. troops, a major UN-led peace mission, and continued support for social and economic development.”

“While we need a long term commitment to Afghanistan, that commitment should be to making peace and creating a civil society that represents all Afghan people, especially women whose voices are paramount in creating a lasting peace,” said Win Without War Co-Chair Susan Shaer. “We should end this war now. The people of Afghanistan are just as tired of war as Americans and we simply cannot afford the costs in both blood and treasure.”

This evening from Afghanistan, President Obama announced the signing of a U.S. – Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement. Reports indicate that this Agreement outlines guidelines governing the U.S.-Afghan relationship post-2014 including the possibility of a continued U.S. military mission in Afghanistan to be governed by a soon-to-be negotiated Bilateral Security Agreement.

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