As the danger in Gaza, Israel, and beyond grows and the number of lives lost reaches into the tens of thousands, the sheer toll becomes overwhelming. It’s all too easy in moments like this to forget that each one of those numbers is a person, someone with dreams, community, family, and loved ones. But ignoring the suffering of war and the way it erases our humanity is what helps it drive forward.

We won’t let that happen. On November 13, the Win Without War Education Fund will lay purple and white roses on the National Mall. This temporary memorial will acknowledge and mourn the number of people killed in the first few weeks of the Israel-Gaza war, as well as those being kept away from their families as hostages. As we remember, we’ll also reaffirm our call for a ceasefire that can end the violence and help build towards a more sustainable solution that safeguards the lives of people in Israel and Palestine.

Ceasefire installation GIF

You can join Win Without War, Win Without War Education Fund, and many others in this solemn moment from wherever you are by taking action to support the call for a ceasefire today.

Tell Your Members of Congress: Support the Call for a Ceasefire Now.

We cannot do this work alone. Dozens of individuals have contributed their time and energy to making this event possible, and we are grateful to acknowledge a few key contributors here:

  • All the innocents killed
  • Arlene Makita-Acuna
  • Aron Hess
  • Charles A. Oestreich
  • Deceased newborns at the al-Shifa Hospital
  • Ed Epley
  • Ellen Grove
  • For our human family.
  • For the brave people of Palestine & Israel seeking peace
  • For the dead on both sides
  • For the Roses
  • Gary S Simpson
  • In honor of Molly Sirois
  • In Honor of Shakeeb and Jean E Atallah
  • In memory of Tariq Thabet his wife children parents 16 family members in all killed in airstrike in Gaza October 29th. He was a Humphrey Fellow at Michigan State University in 2021-2022
  • Irene Vizcarra
  • Janet Lindstrom
  • Jill Levy
  • Leslie Lawner
  • Margot Cassani
  • Nahid Lienke
  • Penelope Strohl
  • Rita Annan-Brady
  • Sally and Martin Markey
  • Sharifa Deborah
  • To recognize an unknown innocent child in Israel and an unknown innocent child in Gaza