Coalition Praises President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Last Updated on January 13, 2016.

January 12, 2016

Drew Proctor,

Coalition Praises President Obama’s State of the Union Address
Urges Congress to Choose Diplomacy — Not War — in 2016

The Win Without War coalition praised President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight and urged Americans to pressure Congress to give peace and diplomacy a chance.

“Tonight, the President wisely highlighted the many diplomatic achievements of his presidency,” said Drew Proctor, Advocacy Director for Win Without War. “The Iran deal particularly stands out as a historic diplomatic achievement and a key component of the President’s legacy.

“The Iran deal represents the culmination of years of tough diplomacy and the best opportunity to constrain Iran’s nuclear program. At a time when much of the Middle East is engulfed in war, the US has rightfully seized this opportunity to achieve one of our most pressing national security goals without dropping a single bomb.

“The national debate about the Iran deal has been about more than a nuclear agreement. This fight has tested our nation’s ability to resolve international disputes through diplomacy – not war – and diplomacy has prevailed. We urge our leaders to build upon this diplomatic victory to advance a more progressive foreign policy.

“The alternative to this deal is likely war, and that’s precisely what hardliners in the US are rooting for. Tomorrow, the House will vote on H.R. 3662, a dangerous bill designed to kill the Iran deal and undermine the President’s legacy. The very same people who pushed America into the Iraq War are trying to undermine the Iran deal, escalate our military presence in the Middle East, and close our borders to innocent refugees.

“Nearly 15 years of war have taught us that we cannot bomb our way to peace. The challenges we face — from winding down the war in Afghanistan to fighting against ISIS — cannot be solved by military might. If we are to address complex 21st century threats, President Obama and Congress must work together to build true international coalitions and cultivate locally-led political solutions.

“Once again, it appears that Members of Congress will put partisan political interests ahead of our national security interests, fanning the flames of fear against innocent refugees who are running for their lives.

“We stand ready to challenge those who strive to close our borders to innocent refugees, undermine diplomacy with Iran, and escalate our military presence in the Middle East. We stand with President Obama as he attempts to unite our nation behind values like the Golden Rule. By restoring the power of diplomacy over war, we can restore our moral standing in the world and live up to the promise inscribed on the Statue of Liberty: ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’”


Win Without War is a coalition of national organizations with diverse constituencies totaling over 11 million members. Our members oppose the continued U.S. war in Afghanistan, wasteful spending at the Pentagon, and the over-militarization of America’s foreign policy. We seek national security policies that both meet challenges of the 21st century and are consistent with our nation’s highest values.

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January 13, 2016