In this moment of humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, Win Without War has compiled the list of ways you can help or get involved below. Many thanks to the Afghan American Foundation, who we relied on, along with multiple other media outlets and partners, in creating this resource.

Open your wallet.

Please consider donating directly or otherwise supporting established, vetted, and reputable organizations working in support of the Afghan people to deliver aid and help with evacuations.

  • AFGHANAID is a UK charity that works in conflict and disaster-affected provinces many other organizations don’t have a presence in.
  • The Afghan-American Artists & Writers Association is raising money to help people leave the country and find safety. The money raised will go toward preparing documentation for leaving, cost of food, cost of travel, and basic subsistence.
  • Doctors Without Borders has been on the ground across the globe in places of crisis and conflict, including Afghanistan, for decades. They provide desperately needed medical care and assistance, and their work will be crucial in the coming days and weeks.
  • International Refugee Assistance Project works to defend the legal and human rights of refugees and displaced people around the world and has multiple programs right now specifically for Afghan refugees.
  • Miles4Migrants is a non-profit organization that helps refugees, asylum-seekers, and their immediate family members who have legal approval to travel but cannot afford airfare.
  • Muslim Aid USA is working with partners on the ground to provide emergency food and non-food assistance to internally displaced individuals (IDPs) in Kabul and the Kunar Province, including tents, meals and hygiene kits.
  • Panah Charity Foundation is dedicated to helping the needy and less fortunate people of Afghanistan.
  • U.S. Committee for Refugees & Immigrants (USCRI) is helping refugees and immigrants achieve financial independence—building better lives for themselves and their families.
  • World Orphan Foundation is working to provide emergency food, water, and shelter (blankets and tents) to those in need.

Connect & Volunteer. 

Note that many resettlement agencies are at capacity at this moment. It will be important to check back in the coming weeks once the initial crisis has passed.
If you know people in Afghanistan trying to get to safety, we are extending resources here that may help:

USCRI has resources for Afghan allies in Pashto and Dari here.

Sign up here to volunteer for airport pickup, apartment setups, and/or meals for Afghans with the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service in Seattle/Tacoma, Ft. Worth, Houston, and the DC-MD-VA area.

Jewish Family & Community Services is a East Bay Area organization who is organizing groups of 4 to 6 volunteers to assist their case managers with tasks such as airport pickups, signing up refugees for their social services benefits, helping register children for school, providing ESL language support, and other related needs.