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About Win Without War 

Win Without War is a diverse network of activists and organizations working for a more peaceful, progressive U.S. foreign policy — and that’s put us on the forefront of the fight against some of the most frightening and inhumane foreign policies of this Administration. 

We’re leading campaigns to end U.S. support for Saudi and Emirati-led war in Yemen — helping pass an unprecedented bipartisan Congressional rejection of Trump’s policy. We’re working with congressional allies to pass legislation that’d take Trump’s finger off the nuclear button. And we’re a leading voice in a powerful coalition campaign to make sure John Bolton and Trump don’t lead us into a war with Iran. 

We believe that by democratizing U.S. foreign policy and providing progressive alternatives, we can achieve more peaceful, just, and common-sense policies that ensure that all people — regardless of race, nationality, gender, religion, or economic status — can find and take advantage of opportunity equally, equitably, and feel secure around the world. 

It’s a big, ambitious agenda, but our team is small and mighty: organizers, advocacy and issue experts, political strategists. Every day we bring our activists into Washington’s foreign policy debates and support a network of partner organizations as we advance progressive solutions. We’d love you to join us.

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