Activity and Social Share: Redirecting Pentagon Funds!

Check example posted to social!

Last Updated on May 13, 2021.

By overfunding weapons of war instead of investing in the tools to address present and future human security challenges, President Biden’s proposed Pentagon budget fails to truly keep us safe — a reality underscored by the coronavirus pandemic.

Bloated Pentagon spending undermines funding for essential programs, particularly non-military solutions to security challenges and fails to address real human needs, like education and healthcare — here at home, but also across the globe.

In the spirit of broadening our collective people power impact, Win Without War staff have put together a creative way for you to call for a redistribution of Pentagon funds through social media…

Use our blank check template and share where you would spend the proposed three-quarters of a trillion dollars currently slated for the Pentagon:
  • Print out one of these checks or make your own!
  • Dedicate the check to something you want to see the funds invested in (i.e. Department of Peace)
check example
$740,500,000,000 made out to a Free, Fast, and Green Mass Transit System #GreenNewDeal
  • Post to your social media (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) and tag @WinWithoutWar using the hashtags: #DefundThePentagon and #PeopleOverPentagon
Check example posted to social!
Upload and share your check to your social media account(s)! Make sure you use #PeopleOverPentagon and tag @WinWithoutWar
  • Tag a few friends and challenge them to do the same!

Thanks for taking action with us!

         –  The Win Without War team

May 10, 2021