Negotiators have just flown to Vienna to have another round of conversations about the Iran deal.

We cannot let this historic opportunity slip by. As Congress heads into a recess, we want our representatives to return to Capitol Hill having heard loud and clear that their constituents want diplomacy and not war.

Here’s how we can make a huge difference. When members of Congress fly back from Washington for the August recess, one of the first things they do is read their local papers. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a leading communications firm to help give people like you, who support diplomacy, the best shot we can to get your voice where it’ll have the most impact. The more we can show that people care about diplomacy – the less likely it’ll be for members of Congress to undermine it. 

Here’s how it works: you draft a piece, we’ll connect you to incredible communications professionals that can help you edit and support you to pick the right paper to send to.

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Talking points
  • Right now, crises including COVID, war in Ukraine, and global inflation are raging, and the last thing the world needs is another bloody, costly war.
  • Trump’s maximum pressure failed on everything that it promised: it unleashed Iran’s nuclear program and nearly led the United States into another disastrous war.
  • A new deal will improve U.S. and global security by putting Iran’s nuclear program back in a box. Indeed, it is the ONLY way to stop Iran’s nuclear advancements.
  • Today, people in Iran continue to suffer under incredible sanctions during a global pandemic for the actions of a government they have little say in.
  • Congress can make or break diplomatic progress – either by ratcheting up tensions or curtailing hostilities by urging the president to re-enter the deal ASAP.
Sample Email

As a <insert a bit about yourself: teacher, parent, veteran, Iranian American,> I care about diplomacy with Iran because X,Y,Z.

With tensions high across the globe, a commitment to diplomacy and peace is urgently needed. That’s why I’m eager to see the United States return to the Iran nuclear deal.

Rejoining the deal would be a clear demonstration that the United States is ready to turn away from the foreign policy failures of the past and is instead committed to rebuilding its credibility on the global stage. It would show that we are still capable of solving pressing global challenges through diplomacy. Never before has that been more urgent. Congress can open the path to restoring the deal by rejecting legislation that would increase the chance for war and telling the president loud and clear that, if he moves to re-enter the deal, Congress will have his back.