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Donald Trump wants war with North Korea. Tell President Moon we support diplomacy.


Tensions are rising on the Korean peninsula, and we’re inching closer to all out war, or worse, a nuclear catastrophe. The Trump Administration, with their violent rhetoric and callous, clumsy attempts at military action are pushing us there faster.

Newly elected progressive South Korean President Moon Jae-in is a sole voice for peace among the calls to violence. He campaigned and won on a pledge to take diplomatic action to put an end to the conflict with North Korea. [1]

Later this month President Moon is coming to Washington to meet PresidentTrump, and we have to let him know that no matter how Trump tries to manipulate him and push him towards war, the American people want peace.

Tell President Moon: Trump doesn’t speak for us. We support you in your diplomatic efforts for peace with North Korea. Click here to sign on.

In recent weeks, North Korea has launched provocative ballistic missile tests and threatened another nuclear test. [2] In response, the erratic, reckless Trump Administration has ratcheted up tensions and threatened what the President called a “major, major conflict.” [3] It’s not just empty words – Trump has sent aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and a host of other military forces towards North Korea.

In his winning campaign, President Moon pledged to engage in talks with NorthKorea to freeze and reverse its nuclear program and pursue diplomacy to finally put an end to the conflict. The people of North Korea don’t want war, and neither do we.

That’s why we’re working with our friends to collect signatures of Americans that we are planning on delivering in person to President Moon when he is in Washington D.C. later this month.

The only way to halt and reverse North Korea’s nuclear program is through diplomacy, and we need President Moon to know that we are standing with him. No matter how much Donald Trump may want war, the American public wants peace.

Tell President Moon: Trump doesn’t speak for us. We support you in your diplomatic efforts for peace with North Korea.


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[2] North Korea stages 3rd missile test in 3 weeks. 5/29/2017

[3] Trump Warns That ‘Major, Major Conflict’ With North Korea Is Possible. 4/27/2017

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