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America Should Not Reward Torture

  President Trump’s nomination of Steven Bradbury — one of the key architects of the Bush administration’s illegal torture program — to be General Counsel at the Department of Transportation is an affront to our nation’s values. Torture during the…

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Donald Trump wants war with North Korea. Tell President Moon we support diplomacy.

  Tensions are rising on the Korean peninsula, and we’re inching closer to all out war, or worse, a nuclear catastrophe. The Trump Administration, with their violent rhetoric and callous, clumsy attempts at military action are pushing us there faster. Newly elected progressive South Korea[...]

Tell the Senate to block Trump’s torture nominee

  When I read the news yesterday about the nominee to be the Department of Transportation’s top lawyer [1], I was furious, but I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t surprised because, unfortunately, there has been almost no accountability for the architects of George Bush’s torture machine. When no o[...]