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Wrong About Iraq, Wrong About Iran

The framework agreement the U.S. and its international partners reached with Iran that blocks Tehran’s pathways to building a nuclear bomb is barely a week old and yet the usual suspects have already denounced it as a “bad deal.” Sound…

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Call Congress and Seal the Deal

Last week, we achieved a huge victory when the P5+1 and Iran announced that they had reached a framework agreement to verifiably stop Iran from building nuclear weapons without resorting to war. The international community - from King Salman of Saudi Arabia to Pope Francis - has heralded the framewo[...]

We All Support the Framework Agreement with Iran

Please click here to view and download this document as a pdf. Organizations Americans for Peace Now- “During the coming period in which the parties will be hammering out the details of a final agreement and its implementation, Congress should adopt a policy of ‘do no harm’. This week’s agreement [...]