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The Lies of John McCain

In a disgusting moment of ‘straight talk’ from Senator John McCain (R-AZ) this week, the former Republican Presidential nominee claimed that President Obama was “directly responsible” for the violent and deadly carnage at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The senior…

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We Will Not Be Divided

He walked into a nightclub with hate in his heart. His goal was death, and, aided by a weapon of war, he killed and wounded more than 100 of our brothers and sisters. Now, out of that tragedy, some are trying to score political points by spewing hatred and fear. We cannot and will not let them divid[...]

Victory! RE: Stop $18 Billion More for War

Two weeks ago, we told you about a backroom deal that could give $18 billion more to the Pentagon -- and that would have kept the vote off the record. You stepped up, making hundreds of calls opposing the deal. Great news: we won! Not only is every Senator on the record on this proposal, but [...]