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Memorial Day Weekend Long Reads

  It’s been a tumultuous few weeks. It seems like every day has brought a new scandal, crisis, or breaking news story. That’s why, once again as we look forward to a long weekend, we wanted provide you with some…

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Sorry Donald, your foreign policy is a big “F”

  Last week, Donald Trump claimed he was getting “As and A+s on foreign policy.” In reality, the actions of Trump and his administration have been among the most dangerous and morally bankrupt in modern American history.  It's pretty clear that Donald Trump isn't earning As, so in honor o[...]

U.S. strikes on Syrian regime a dangerous escalation of Donald Trump’s ‘military-only’ policy in the Middle East

  Washington, DC - Following reports of U.S. military strikes against Syrian regime forces, Win Without War Director, Stephen Miles, released the following statement. “We are deeply troubled by today’s reports of direct U.S. military action against Syrian regime forces. These strikes mark[...]