Shifts in Approach to Gaza Conflict are Welcome and Effective


Last Updated on March 14, 2024.

WashingtonWin Without War Executive Director Sara Haghdoosti released the following statement in response to Senate Majority Leader Schumer’s speech on the Senate floor on the situation in Israel and Palestine: 

“Anyone who has followed Senator Schumer’s career knows just how remarkable his floor remarks calling for elections that could oust Israel’s far-right government was, just as the significance of the Biden Administration further sanctioning Israeli settlers isn’t lost on us. We welcome these developments and encourage more. 

“These moves work. Just this week the Israel Defense Forces at least made verbal commitments to facilitate much greater aid into Gaza because of public pressure from the U.S. government – their biggest allies. 

“Such actions also show that the Biden administration and Democratic Party leadership are listening to people across the country who, in poll after poll, march after march and vote after vote, have made clear their support for a ceasefire, and also conditioning military aid to Israel. This kind of willingness to listen to constituents is crucial for political leaders as democracy in the United States once again comes under threat. 

“That said, the catastrophic conditions on the ground in Gaza warrant historic action, including the use of tangible U.S. leverage to shift the Israeli government from its disastrous course. The willingness to take those steps is key to securing true peace, that is the ability to live and thrive without the fear of violence, for Israelis and Palestinians alike.”


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March 14, 2024