Tell Congress: Stop Trump’s Attack on North Korea

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Last Updated on January 11, 2018.

Trump just hit code red status on North Korea.
Multiple news outlets have reported that the Trump administration is seriously considering a “bloody nose” strike as a “warning” for North Korea. In other words: Donald Trump is looking for excuses for an attack on North Korea that could easily trigger full-scale war.
Jeff, tens of thousands of Win Without War activists have mobilized against a second Korean War as tensions have jumped sky-high in the past few months. I noticed you haven’t spoken up yet. I’m urging you, please make your voice heard by calling on Congress to prevent war with North Korea before it’s too late.
Downplaying a strike on North Korea as a “bloody nose” is a very, very, very bad sign that the Trump administration is outright preparing for war.
Jeff, history proves that the time to stop a war is before the first strike. Once Trump’s bomb hits, it will be too late.Please, urge Congress to act immediately and pass legislation that will stand between Trump and a strike on North Korea.

January 11, 2018