Win Without War statement on the removal of Steve Bannon from the White House

Last Updated on August 18, 2017.

Friday, August 18, 2017
WASHINGTON — Win Without War Director Stephen Miles released the following statement regarding Stephen Bannon’s departure from his position as White House chief strategist:
The United States is safer today than it was yesterday now that Stephen Bannon is no longer working in the White House.
Whether it’s his extreme Islamophobia, deep associations with white supremacists, opposition to international agreements designed to keep America more secure — like the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal — or apocalyptic views about a supposed clash of civilizations, the fact that Bannon no longer has a close proximity to U.S. policy making is a victory not just for all Americans, but also for people around the world.
The fact is Steve Bannon should never have had a job in the White House, and while we welcome his firing, the reality is that Donald Trump is still making our country less safe every day. While Bannon is now gone, aides with close ties to white supremacists and other purveyors of hate like Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka remain employed by this White House. Their positions, and the reckless and disgusting behavior and rhetoric Donald Trump has shown time and time again are an affront to American values, embolden our adversaries, and fuel the fires of violent extremism around the world and right here at home.
While we prepare for the hard work that still lays ahead, we are deeply proud of the incredible efforts of the American people to drive hate out of the White House. More than 87,000 Win Without War activists took action calling for exactly what we saw today, the firing of Steve Bannon. Together with partner organizations and more than 1 million activists, we successfully helped remove Bannon earlier this year from the National Security Council.
But if Donald Trump somehow thinks that firing Steve Bannon will silence our movement, our message is clear: we’re just getting started.


For further comment or questions, please contact Stephen Miles, Win Without War’s Director, at or 504-289-3594

August 18, 2017