Coalition Applauds Senate for Defending Diplomacy

Last Updated on September 10, 2015.

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September 10, 2015

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Coalition Applauds Senate for Defending Diplomacy

The Win Without War coalition released the following statement by Co-Chair David Cortright applauding the US Senate for defending the JCPOA and rejecting the cloture vote on H.J.Res. 61, a resolution of disapproval on the Iran deal.

“Today, the Senate cleared the way for the Obama administration and the P5+1’s historic agreement with Iran to move forward and thereby enable the US and its allies to win without war. Most importantly, today Congress listened to the American people and proved that millions of dollars cannot drown out millions of voices. In the last two months, hundreds of thousands of Americans have called, emailed, and met with their legislators to say ‘No war with Iran – let diplomacy work.’

“At a time when much of the Middle East is engulfed in war, the US has rightfully seized this opportunity to achieve one of our most pressing national security goals without dropping a single bomb. Today’s vote not only blocks Iran’s pathway to a nuclear weapon, but it demonstrates precisely how America can win without war.”

“We are, however, not so naïve as to think that the agreement is now safe.  Its opponents have demonstrated that they will stop at nothing to scuttle this victory and put our nation on the path to yet another war in the Middle East. We are therefore committed to vigilance and action should the architects of the Iraq war try to undermine this agreement and push us into war with Iran. Congressional Democrats should continue to defend the agreement and to challenge backdoor legislation to undermine or poison the deal.

“The national debate about the Iran deal has been about more than a nuclear agreement. This fight has tested our nation’s ability to resolve international disputes through diplomacy – not war – and diplomacy has prevailed. We urge our leaders to build upon this diplomatic victory to advance a more progressive foreign policy.”

Win Without War is a coalition of national organizations with diverse constituencies totaling over 11 million members. Our members oppose the continued U.S. war in Afghanistan, wasteful spending at the Pentagon, and the over-militarization of America’s foreign policy. We seek national security policies that both meet challenges of the 21st century and are consistent with our nation’s highest values.

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September 10, 2015