Coalition Calls for Undecided Democrats to Support the Iran Agreement

Last Updated on September 2, 2015.


September 2, 2015

Angela Miller, Win Without War

Coalition Calls for Undecided Democrats to Support the Iran Agreement
Hails Senate Milestone Assuring Agreement  and “Grassroots Activism at its Best”

The Win Without War coalition today praised Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and the 33 other Senators who have stood up in support of the Iran nuclear agreement. Senator Mikulski’s announcement marks a key milestone toward securing this diplomatic victory, but it is now incumbent upon undecided Democrats to support the deal and avoid forcing the President to veto a Congressional resolution of disapproval.

Today’s milestone assures the Iran agreement will move forward,” said Susan Shaer, Co-Chair of the Win Without War coalition and Executive Director of WAND. “Now we need the remaining undecided Democrats to assure American leadership and the strong voice of President Obama as we move forward toward implementation.”

“Congratulations to the hundreds of thousands who contacted their US Senators to say no to war and yes to diplomacy with Iran. Win Without War wants just that, to succeed with diplomacy, not war.  Now undecided Democrats must stand with President Obama and defend this diplomatic victory. Should the remaining Democrats vote to oppose this deal, they will send a harmful message to our allies and to the world that America cannot be trusted.”

“In the coming weeks, as war hawks like Former Vice President Dick Cheney make their voices heard on this issue, we trust members of Congress will continue to listen to constituents who strongly support diplomacy.”

Since the Iran agreement was announced, grassroots activists from dozens of organizations around the country have sent over 1.5 million phone calls, petition signatures, and emails to Congress in support of diplomacy.


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September 2, 2015