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Statement on Bilateral Security Agreement with Afghanistan

September 30, 2014

Stephen Miles, Advocacy Director

(504) 289-3594, stephen@winwithoutwar.org

Win Without War Statement on Signing of Bilateral Security Agreement with Afghanistan

Washington, DC- The Win Without War coalition released the following statement by Advocacy Director, Stephen Miles, in response to the signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between the United States and Afghanistan. 

“Today’s signing of the Afghan-USA Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) ensures that, tragically, America’s longest war will drag on for years to come.  After nearly 13 years of war in Afghanistan, it’s time to say enough is enough, and bring all our troops home, now.

Of course, we all hope that Afghanistan’s new government will bring new life to the long-stalled peace process but the fundamental facts on the ground remain the same today as they were under President Karzai. For far too long, American men and women have fought, bled, and died in a fight that has no military solution. The fact that the future of Afghanistan requires an Afghan-led political solution means that sending even more American troops and more American tax-dollars to Afghanistan is futile at best and could prove to be an obstacle for genuine progress to be made.”


Win Without War is a coalition of national organizations with diverse constituencies originally founded in opposition to the Iraq War. The coalition remains active in opposition to the continued U.S. war in Afghanistan, the dangerous rush to war with Iran, and the underlying national security strategy on which these conflicts are based. We seek a fundamentally new approach to meet the national security challenges of the United States that is consistent with our nation’s highest values.

For more information visit www.winwithoutwar.org

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